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What to pack for a holiday at the beach

There are so many laundromats around town so it is really not necessary to pack a lot of clothes and you will be in your swimming costume most of the time anyway! Use this easy list and print it out and then tick it off as you pack.

1. Swimming costume

Pack two swimming costumes, one you can wear whilst the other one is drying.

2. Sarong or Cover Up

When packing for beach holiday, you will need a swimsuit cover. This is perfect for wearing down to the beach or to go to town with.

3. Shorts

Pack 2 pairs of shorts to wear to the beach or to town.

4. Tank Tops

Pack 3 tank tops which you can mix and match with your shorts.

5. Dresses

Pack 2 or 3 lightweight summer dresses which you can wear over your costume, or dress it up if going out.

6. Pants/Jeans

Pack one pair of pants or jeans if it gets chilly at night.

7. Jacket

Pack one jacket/drymac in case of chilly or wet weather.

8. Sweater

Pack one sweater/jersey to wear in case of chilly weather.

9. Pajamas

Pack one pair of lightweight PJ’s and if you stay longer than a week you can get it washed.

10. Flip Flops

Given you will be spending most of your time at the beach or by the pool, a pair of comfortable flip flops are one of your beach holiday must haves.

11. Sandals

Sandals are great for a summer beach holiday for walking around town, shopping or going out for dinner.

12. Water shoes

There are a lot of rocks on the beaches so a pair of slip on mesh beach shoes can be useful items to pack for a beach holiday to protect your feet.

13. Hair bands/clips

If you have long hair pack a few of these as you will want to keep your hair tied up when swimming and for the heat.

14. Toiletry Bag

A Toiletry bag is essential to keep all your toiletries together and to prevent them from leaking on your clothes in your suitcase. Remember to pack the following:-
o Make Up
o Face Wash
o Moistening Creams for face and body
o Shampoo and Conditioner ( a travel size is enough for one week )
o Body wash/soap
o Toothbrush and Toothpaste
o Deodorant
o Perfume ( only one is enough)
o Medication

15. Beach Hat

Pack a wide brimmed beach hat that you can wear to keep your face and neck out of the sun.

16. Beach Towel

Choose a lightweight microfibre beach towel that the sand doesn’t stick to easily and that dries quickly. ( Also check with your travel agent if your accommodation supplies bath towels, otherwise you’ll need to pack one or two as well! )

17. Sunglasses

Choose polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays so don’t leave home without them.

18. Camera

You’ll no doubt want to take plenty of photographs for your memories, so if you prefer to use a camera, and not your cell phone, don’t forget to pack it, together with memory card and charger.

19. Beach Bag

Bring a beach bag to put all your items in when going to the beach.

20. Hand Bag

A small shoulder bag is ideal to keep your purse, camera and cellphone with you at all times. Don’t forget to pack your chargers, memory cards and headphones too!