Caretaking & Maintenance

We proudly provide an exclusive key storage, collection, and drop-off service, managing your keys within a secure, alarmed, and controlled environment. Upon take-on, a comprehensive inventory of your unit is documented, with regular inspections ensuring its accuracy and relevance over time. In the event of any damages or shortages, rest assured that we will promptly undertake repairs or replacements, with associated costs transparently deducted from the guests’ deposit refund.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive property management services, including the meticulous care of your complex. Our offerings encompass monthly meter readings, detailed property inspections, and maintenance reports. Our skilled team excels in minor repairs and general maintenance tasks, such as globe replacements, curtain rehanging, washer replacements, aluminium window hinge and handle repairs, lock replacements, and rectifying toilet leaks, along with various other minor electrical and structural repairs.

For major maintenance requirements, we collaborate with trusted, approved suppliers, ensuring the highest quality standards. We can supervise these significant undertakings, prioritizing your peace of mind throughout the process. Importantly, we always seek your authorization before initiating any repairs, regardless of their scale.

In addition to our property management expertise, we extend our services to facilitate administrative aspects of your property. This includes managing payments for Body Corporate and other accounts on your behalf. Additionally, our dedicated team is available to handle your shopping needs, whether it pertains to acquiring linens, ceiling fans, or patio furniture. Your requirements are paramount, and we stand ready to fulfil them with unparalleled dedication and professionalism.

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