1. Pack a picnic basket and have a picnic on the beach or at the river at Mpenjati Nature Reserve near Palm Beach. ( ask your valentine to wait in the car while you set up, then blindfold them to make it extra special )
  2. Hide a few treasures or love letters along the Ramsgate Ramble and walk it with your valentine to find them.
  3. Treat your valentine to breakfast in bed.
  4. Treat your valentine to a “spa” bath, fill it with bubble bath, rose petals and candles. Add chocolates, and a nice dressing gown and slippers.
  5. Watch the sunrise on the beach.
  6. Go to the Whaledeck in Ramsgate and enjoy the sunset over the sea while sipping on some champagne.
  7. Take a walking or biking trail at one of the following areas:-
    1. Oribi Gorge
    2. Beaver Creek
    3. Umtamvuna Nature Reserve
    4. Mpenjati Nature Reserve
  8. Treat your valentine to a special dinner for two at your favourite restaurant
  9. Cook a special meal together
  10. Treat your valentine to a photo shoot along the beach
  11. Take a scenic drive

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