Are you going on a well- deserved break and would like to catch some fish? Here are a few tips when fishing off our beaches or off a boat.

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Remember to obtain a permit before fishing which must be on hand or else your fishing tackle, bait and fish can be confiscated.

Where can you get a fishing permit or licence on the South Coast?

Permits can be purchased from your local Post Office Branch or you can apply on the Environment Agency Website or by calling the Environment Agency Fishing Licence Service

Famous fishing hotspots in Margate and Ramsgate


Bird Rock – Rock & Surf

Lee Rock – Rock & Surf

Lucien Point – Rock & Surf

Shad bay – Rock & Surf


Blue Bay- Rock & Surf

Groom’s Pantry – River

Pinky Rock – Rock & Surf

Whale Back – Rock & Surf

Best Baits for saltwater fishing 



Red Eye Sardine





Black Mussel

White Mussel

Sand and Mud Prawn

Red Bait

Sea Louse

Remember the safety rules when fishing

Wear a life jacket

Wear a hat

Wear sunscreen

Carry lots of water

Carry a first- aid kit in-case of injury

Wear gloves

Keep hooks and lures in a tackle box